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DEBA is a reliable partner

About DEBA

DEBA has been a reliable partner in delivering premium-quality, exclusive residential properties for more than 40 years. As a family-owned company, we value integrity and high standards above all else. We take pride in developing contemporary condominiums and semi-detached houses in prime locations with an emphasis on optimal function and maximum investment value.

Our success is based on putting the needs of our customers first.  As our top priority, clients receive individually tailored advice, transparency in all transactions, and strict adherence to deadlines.

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Current Projects

Wilhelminenstraße 41, 1160 Wien

Purchasing Process

  • Provision free purchase directly from developer.
  • Fixed price guarantee for the acquired property.
  • Payable in escrow.
  • Choice of price-premium in escrow with purchase agreement signature, or securing remaining balance of purchase price via bank guarantee.
  • Immediate registration of letter of intent with the Land Register.
  • Payment or forwarding of the purchase price to the developer in accordance with Austria’s builder contract law “Bauträgervertragsgesetz”  (BGBL. 2008/56).
  • Additional fees include: 3.5% Property Tax; 1.1% Title Registration; Attorney/Notary fixed cost.

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Contact Information

  • For property inquiries or more detailed information about our projects, please contact us
  • M-Th 9:00AM-5:00PM, Fri 9:00AM-Noon
  • Telephone: +43.(0)1.368 21 11
  • Fax: +43.(0)1.369 15 60
  • E-Mail: